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10 Tips To Avoid Allergies In Daily Life At Home And Work

The allergies are of many kinds, and different people have different types of allergies which can lead to other diseases in the long run. The common household allergies are dust mites, cockroach droppings, mild, polenta and animal hair and people who are suffering from any of these allergies a have a chance of getting asthma as well.

How To Avoid Allergies At Home?

A survey done by Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology shows that at least 6 people are suffering from some kind of allergy in more than 50% household. Any allergy that you might be having can occur from anywhere in your house. Most common places are your furniture, floors and, in the air. Almost every part of your house can become an allergy-prone area if you don’t keep the place clean. Although there is no household which is 100% allergy free, you can always minimize the chances of getting allergy in your house by following some measures.

This is why we are bringing the most amazing ways to avoid allergies at home. Try these tips to have a healthy lifestyle with healthy, living space with minimal allergy. I’m sure you will be able to fight and avoid the allergies that you are exposed to, but you need to read this article till the end very carefully.

Here the ways to avoid allergies at home

1. Get rid of dust in your house – Having a constant flow of dust in your house can be devastating for people who have allergies with dust mites. These indoor allergens can be vanished to some extent by getting rid of the dust in your house particular in your living room and your bedroom.
Make sure to use a cloth that attracts the dust; otherwise, you will be scattering the dust into the air which can make the situation worse as you. An easily breath them in and you can get asthma. So it is also recommended that you use a face mask to avoid inhaling any dust particles while cleaning or getting rid of the dust. Clean your house regularly and keep minimum stuff as you won’t get extra dirt.

2. Use a Vacuum to reduce Allergens – Vacuum your house regularly. Especially areas like carpet and furniture. Your furniture and carpet are prone to have lots of dust particles. So use a HEPA filter with your vacuum as it will avoid getting the dust in the air and properly vacuum all the dust properly. HEPA filter lets you vacuum even the small dust particles and keep your house clean, and people who are having allergens with dust mites will be safe with it. So vacuum your house at least e once or twice a week.

3. Wash away Allergens – It is very important to wash away all the allergens from your bedroom. Dust mites can also be found in pillows and bed sheets. Since we spend a lot of time in our bedroom, the chances of use getting an allergy from dust mites become very high.
In order to avoid allergens from dust mites, you have to reduce the dust mites from your pillows and bed sheets. So wash your pillows and bed sheets with effective washing powder. Also, use hot water in order to kill all the possible dust mites and dry them with a hot dryer.
You can also use cotton cloth covers to cover your non-washable pillows, in that case, you need to wash the pillowcase only.

4. Use Green cleaning products – When using a cleaner which has harsh chemicals, people who are sensitive to allergens can get allergies which have symptoms to get Asthma. So it is better to use an environmentally friendly product with natural ingredients and a plant-based compound which does not have any possible triggers for allergens. The green environmental cleaner can be found easily nowadays in any market. You can even make your own cleaner with natural ingredients using baking soda, vinegar, and lemon, etc.

5. Reduce Pet Dander – Dogs and cats can trigger allergens because they have some materials up their sleeves to do so. So you should think twice when you want to embrace of held your cat in your arms especially if you are an allergic person. It is the protein found in the urine, saliva, and dander which can cause allergies. So if you are a pet lover then make sure to vacuum your house regularly and wash your pet at least once a week. Washing your furry pet can reduce a significant amount of the protein which can become airborne and trigger symptoms.

6. Prevent Mold and Mildew – Use tiles and paint the walls which can resist the mold triggering allergens. The damp areas of the bathroom and basement can be a triggering place for allergens. You can also switch on your exhaust fan in your bathroom after taking a hot shower and dry out your bathtub. Once in a while, it is convenient to clean your bathroom tiles with a scrubber as it will avoid any kind of allergy symptoms caused by molds.

7. Keep Pollen Out – If you are living where there are lots of pollen in your surroundings, then you should keep your windows and doors closed especially at night. Pollen can enter via wind inside your house easily, so it is important to close out any possible entrance of pollen.
You should also avoid going out in the morning because that is when the pollens are emitted from plants. There are other times in a day when the pollen can be high so you should avoid going out at those times. Of course, this is for pollen allergens, but if you don’t have pollen allergens and someone in your house is allergic to it, the same thing applies to you as it can transfer from you to that particular person who is allergic to pollen.

8. Control Pests -Having bugs is already a problem for some people, and then there are people who are allergic to bugs. The protein found in cockroaches can trigger allergies and other diseases to some people. You can use traps, baits and boric in order to eliminate the bugs. Don't use pesticides unless the bugs are in massive amount as they are the symptoms of getting an Asthma and other allergies. Dispose of your garbage properly with sealed containers and keep your house as clean as possible so that you can get rid of cockroaches and other bugs.

9. Use controllers and purifiers – Using humidity controllers and purifier can be very beneficial in order to avoid allergies caused by dust mites, moulds, and mildew as they can occur in uneven moisture environment. Use a humidity controller can keep the moisture at 40% and regularly purify your house.

10.HEPA Filters – HEPA was also known as High-efficiency particular air can capture cockroach byproducts which are heavier than other allergens like pollen, dust mites, and pet dander. These tiny particles can settle perfectly in your furniture and pillowcase, so you need additional help when using a vacuum. This is where HEPA becomes handy as it can capture all kinds of particles even the tiniest one.

So these are the tips on how to avoid allergies at home.

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