13 Healthy Benefits Of Green Tea


A hot beverage is always a wonderful thing to have. There are certain beverages that do not only make you feel good and help better your mood but also have a lot of health benefits. One such amazing beverage is green tea. Green tea is well known for the number of benefits one can reap out of it. It is amazing not just for your health but also for your skin and other parts of the body.

Green tea is often also used in various medicines, famous skincare brands and what not. Originally from China, this tea has made its way throughout the world and is not grown in most parts of the world.

Here are certain benefits of green tea and the different ways it can be used for a better and healthier life.

1.    Health

Green tea has numerous benefits. It helps reduce inflammation and is full of polyphenols. It is also known to help fight cancer. Around 30 percent of the total weight of tea is none other than polyphenols. This includes catechins. Catechins are great antioxidants. Antioxidants help the prevention of cell damage in our bodies. Antioxidants eliminate free radicals. Hence it protects from damage. This is also a great anti-aging and hence loved in skincare.

2. Freshen up

Green tea contains caffeine. Caffeine is very well known to be a stimulant. What this does is that it helps your mind to refresh and even will keep you up when you need to. It has even caffeine to keep you up without feel anxious about jittery; a drawback often observed when too much caffeine is taken. This is seen in coffee drinkers.

A limited amount of coffee is great actually to improve certain brain functioning. Green tea has amino acid L theanine which leads to an increase in dopamine and alpha waves in the brain. Dopamine is a ‘feel good’ hormone which improves mood and makes a person actually feel good.

3. Physical aspects.

People who are well aware and conscious of their health often resort to green tea when it comes to choosing beverages. People who go on diets also prefer green tea thanks to its benefits. Green tea increases a person’s metabolic rate and increases the fat burning capacity of a person. There are many types of research held which have shown benefits of the beverage. It is seen that more than metabolism, it increases fat burning by 17%. Only drinking green tea might not turn your weight around but when taken with exercise, it can really help boost your journey to lose weight.

4. Oral health.

Green tea is said to kill and stop the growth of viruses. There are certain bacterias and harmful viruses that survive inside our mouths. These attack our teeth and mouth and leads to the formation of the plaque. It is also another reason why one might end up having cavities.

5. Hangover medicine

Green tea being rich in antioxidants is actually a great body cleanser both externally and internally. Drinking green tea to cure a hangover helps detoxify the poor liver.

6. Down Syndrome

Green tea contains EGCG which is Epigallocatechin gallate that protects the body from cell damage as well as improves a person’s cognitive thinking and functioning. Down syndrome is the result of the presence of three chromosomes of number 21. A person not suffering from down syndrome has two of these chromosomes. According to studies, green tea helps curb effects of the extra chromosome present which actually causes a lot of the problem.

7. Helps fight depression.

Certain studies show that people who drink 2-4 cups of green tea on a day to day basis are not as depressed. This can be because green tea contains amino acid L theanine, this chemical helps release more amounts of serotonin and dopamine, these are called ‘feel good’ hormones which actually stimulate reactions which makes a person feel happy. It can minorly also act as an antidepressant because of the small amount of caffeine it has.

8. A better and longer life

Japanese and Korean people prefer drinking warm green and other teas with their meals. This is a part of their daily diet and might also be a reason for their thin bodyline but also their long life expectancy. This is because of the numerous health benefits.

9. Fight diabetes.

Drinking green tea helps to improve metabolism and regulate the levels of sugar in the body. This helps to reduce the chances of getting diabetes as it metabolizes sugar. Drinking a few cups of green tea every day can do good to the body. Green tea also helps to reduce the amount of sugar that is getting absorbed by your body’s bloodstream.

10. Dark circles.

Your skin is also a part of your body which really needs to be taken care of. When a person’s skin is damaged or has visible problems, it directly reflects upon the health of that person.  One such skin problem is dark circles. Dark circles are generally caused due to inefficient sleeping patterns and or many other reasons could lead to puffy eyes and other issues.

Green tea can help relax eyes and reduce dark circles, etc. The green tea bags can simply be kept in the fridge and can be directly put on your eyes. This can be done when taking a nap. Green tea reduces the puffiness as the caffeine present shrinks the blood vessels present and calms the eyes.

11.  Treat acne

Green tea is widely used to create serums, face masks, face packs, etc. It is even used to make sheet masks as well as scrubs not just for the face but also for the body. Green tea even helps fight UV rays and protects skin. Green tea is excellent to cleanse and even moisturize the skin. Almost every skincare brand has an entire range of products based on this wonder ingredient.

12.  Haircare

Dihydrotestosterone causes hair fall and reduces hair growth. Green tea helps to inhibit this DHT and promotes growth and strength of hair. It also reduces and prevents dandruff and other basic problems that people struggle with on a day to day basis. It helps to calm down the scalp and reduces any kind of inflammation. It achieves this by reducing inflammation. It also can be used to rinse your hair with, and it will act as a natural conditioner. It helps your hair to become more shiny and healthy.

13. Reduce weight

Green tea increases the metabolism of a person and helps increase the amount of fat that is being burnt.

Green tea is available almost everywhere and is easy to find at your nearest store or even online on stores like Amazon, etc. It may not be the cheapest thing available but it is quite affordable, and a little goes a long way. It is easy to use, and there are a lot of DIYs available online as well to help you use it according to your requirement

Green tea is very famous because of the numerous benefits to everyone and the versatility of it. However, it is important to remember that anything in a large quantity won’t be good for the body even if it is something as healthy as green tea and hence it is recommended to consume it in moderate amounts.

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