8 Easy To Implement Tips To Fight Joint Pain


Joint pain is not something that just elderly people have to go through. In our lives and in our hectic schedules, different types of situations lead to different types of body issues, and joint pain is one of the common most problems even youth faces. If you are one of those people who have to rely on different types of medications like painkillers to get through your daily life, then you need to rethink your choices. What can you change or do better to improve your life and physical condition? Relying on painkillers is one of the worst options.

There are different ways to get rid off or even reduce the pain that you feel and these ways are much safer than consuming painkillers. Painkillers might sound like the solution, but it is short term solution. For an effective and long term solution, it is preferable to try out other remedies. Just giving it a try is better than not trying at all.

A young woman massaging her painful knee

A lot of our body parts are affected by this pain. This includes the areas of our body which have to handle our body weight, and a lot of pressure is exerted on them. A lot of people experience pain in the joints of knees, back, shoulders and even hips, ankles, neck, etc.

Considering the intensity of the pain that your body experiences, it is preferable to either take professional help due to the high pain or try remedies which can be carried out at home for when the pain is in the initial stages. If the pain has started affecting your life even at your daily routine then consulting a doctor is highly recommended.

What are the areas that people generally suffer from pain?

Joints are the portion that one might often experience pain in. These joints are nothing but tissues. These help us to smoothly move our body as it helps connect bones to each other without friction. When these joints, due to any reason inflamate then this leads to the experience of an ache.

These are various reasons why one might experience joint pain. Some of the reasons you are suffering can be the following,

1. Old age: As a person ages, our body starts losing its ability to function as it used to and there are different problems which arise. Joint pain is one of the most common problems any person can face as the old age approaches. Because the collagen levels of our body decrease, the cartilage, and bones of the joints start rubbing against each other, then a person experiences pain and inflammation.

2. Arthritis: People who suffer from the disease of Arthritis develop high pain. A reason for this disease can be a repetition of movements especially in the case of athletes.

3. Posture:  Terrible posture can lead to joint pain.

4. Injuries: Injuries due to various incidents can cause joint pain or deteriorate the condition of a person already experiencing pain.

Tips To Overcome Joint Pain

1. Treatment: Treatments for joint pain need to be decided according to the amount of pain a person experiences or even the main reason for a person’s pain. If you experience extreme pain in joints, then the best option is to seek medical attention from a professional.

2. Change of lifestyle: People who are inactive and lead a sedentary lifestyle often are unfit and end up dealing with a lot of problems. For a better posture and body health, exercising, stretching, etc. can help prevent any pain especially when you are young. So in this case, prevention will be better than cure.

3. Salt Soak: Relaxing your muscles can reduce pain. Taking a nice bath with Epsom salt is a great way to feel better. The salt is high in magnesium and sulfate. Epsom salt is a good option as it gets absorbed in our body through our skin. It helps relieve pain and inflammation. It helps to relax our muscles and reduce spasms, and the tension between the muscle is reduced.

It will barely take some time, simply take 2 cups of the salt and add it to the bath water, you can soak in this water, and it is recommended to soak for a minimum of twenty minutes for relief.

For extra relaxation, you can add different types of essential oils in the bath. Some help improves your skin condition, some are good for aromatherapy, while some are good for pain relief itself. You can try adding essential oils like lavender, peppermint, etc.
4. Packs: Using hot packs or cold packs, depending upon the preference and condition of pain.
For pain relief, you can purchase a therapeutic gel pack. You can even try the hot and cold method. For this, take a hot pack and put it on the area you feel pain in, let it sit for 20 mins and then repeat the same with a cold pack. The pack can be as cold and hot as you feel comfortable using.
You can also apply peppermint essential oil as well as eucalyptus essential oil on the area that is affected by inflammation. It also helps cool down the muscle and helps it relax.

5. Movement: Muscles can sometimes become quite stiff because of the inactivity of the joints and body. Tension in the muscles can also make the pain worse as there is not enough stretching and exercising will improve overall body circulation.

6. Supplements: To reduce pain if we prefer taking painkillers which are not even good for our health and our body, it is much better to erase the root cause of the problem, and this can be done by taking necessary supplements depending upon your condition and other basic factors. Collagen is an important supplement that can affect your pain. It helps us build our tissues and make them stronger. Collagen is important for all our body parts, even the health of our skin. Over time our body reduces the production of collagen, and this can affect the rest of our functioning. Consuming supplements containing collagen can be great for our joints and can help relieve pain caused by joint issues.

7. Change of diet: There are a lot of foods that you can consume and add in your diet if you wish to improve your joint health. Consuming meats like chicken, fish, beef and other items rich in protein can be beneficial.

8. Acupuncture: Taking acupuncture treatments can help reduce pain. The process will take time, and you might have to go through multiple sessions, but it is an effective way to get rid of not just joint pain but also many other diseases.

To conclude, there can be various reasons for a person to suffer from joint pain and it can happen at any age without any warning. It is best to take care of your body beforehand, and as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Even if the joint pain is at a very initial stage, if it is treated using such home remedies at an earlier stage then going to doctors and specialists can be avoided in the future. Even after trying these methods out, you still feel there is some sort of problem; you can then visit a professional for their expertise.

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