12 Major Benefits Of Sesame Seeds In Daily Life

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Sesame seeds have been used to ages in different cultures and different parts of the world for adding more flavour to the food or for adding more nutrients to the body; it also has tons of medicinal benefits that people love using it for.

It is also one of the oldest oilseed crops that are available today. Apart from the easy availability it also grows well even when there is a scarcity of water, there are many things sesame seeds are loved for, here are some sesame benefits you need to know about.

Let us get to know some general knowledge about what exactly these seeds are and where they come from before knowing about the benefits.
Sesame seeds come from a flowering plant and have a nutty flavour. These are generally roasted and eaten by themselves. The seeds when made oil out of, have the highest content of oil. The seeds can be consumed in many ways.

Sesame seeds come in many different varieties of and can be of different colors; some are white, some black and even in brown color.
These different colors come with different properties.

White sesame seeds: White sesame seeds are high in iron content when compared to the black ones and most commonly as used to make oil out of and also used as an oil. White sesame seeds have quite a mild flavor.

Black sesame seeds: Black sesame seeds have a very aromatic and flavourful quality in them. These seeds are used a lot for making medicines thanks to the medicinal qualities.

12 Benefits Of Sesame Seeds

1.Hair growth and hair care: In the modern times when we are all highly stressed and struggle so much with keeping up with our work and daily life, hair loss is a major problem that we face especially because of stress and even pollution for that matter.

Dealing with hair fall can be quite stressful by itself. Sesame seeds are great for treating such hair. These seeds help strengthen our roots, and the omega fatty acids content in the seeds also help to repair the damage and increase the rate of hair growth. Good blood circulation is also an important factor that improves our hair condition, sesame seeds help with it and help our hair follicles.

2. Help with stress and anxiety: As we mentioned earlier about the increasing stress in our daily life, the constant pressure to do well in our studies and work, the pressure to be loved by everyone, etc. are increasing and to keep up with it can be quite a challenge on its own. All this affects our mental health and can lead to problems like depression, anxiety disorders, etc.

In such cases, a healthy diet is quite essential and adding sesame seeds to your diet can help in mental health as well. Magnesium is great for the body, and it helps to relax and also reduces stress making you calmer. Sesame seeds have a lot of magnesium and hence helps with mental health. It also helps with serotonin in our body and leads to balancing it, lack of which could lead to imbalance.

3. Unsaturated fats: Sesame seeds are one of the seeds which reap out the maximum amount of oil and this oil is used worldwide in all sorts of cuisine. Not just the taste but the nutrients are another huge reason for its massive usage. The oil from sesame seeds is a good mix of monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats as well as saturated fats. Its majority content is unsaturated fats which are not harmful and lead to a healthy body.

4. Blood pressure: Sesame seeds help reduce and prevent hypertension. Hypertension is the condition where there is an increase in blood pressure, and this can lead to major problems like a heart attack. The high magnesium content in sesame seeds can help with the prevention and polyunsaturated fats which keep the levels of this pressure under control.

5. Antioxidants and anti-ageing properties: Sesame seeds contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are great for cell damage repair and many other benefits. This helps reverse aging signs and make you look youthful.

6. Healthy skin:Sesame oil apart from being used as a food item is also wonderful skin treatment. Different oils are often used on hair and skin for additional nutrients. Sesame seeds help soften our skin; it has anti-inflammatory properties and these help with redness in skin and other problems. Sesame oils can be directly applied on scalp and hair to promote growth, increase shine and luster, etc. sesame seeds can also be used in a powdered form mixed with other ingredients like olive oil, curd, etc.

7. Digestive properties:Sesame seeds also come in different varieties. Black sesame seeds for that matter are great when it comes to digestive problems like constipation. The seeds have a high quantity of fiber content in it and also unsaturated fatty acids. The seeds are good for a smooth bowel movement, and people with constipation problems can add this in your daily life for ease of digestion.

8. Increase energy levels: Sesame seeds contain high-fat content. This is healthy as these fats are majorly unsaturated and hence is actually really great for our body. People who are on diets can actually eat just a small quantity, and without gaining weight, they can gain, however, a lot of energy from it as these seeds help boost the energy levels of our body.

9. Winter friend: Sesame seeds can be called as our winter friends. During winter, there are certain foods which can help us keep warm internally. Sesame seeds are a great food to snack on or include in your diet during winters as it helps to generate body heat.

10. Healthy Bones: Sesame seeds are a good source of iron, and this helps to boost the density of bone minerals. Zinc is really important for our body as its deficiency can lead to serious problems like osteoporosis and other bone-related issues as well.

11. Sunburns: Going out is a necessity, be it for work or party, going out in the sun is sadly quite unavoidable. Sesame seed oil is a good way to treat sunburns and should be applied to the skin after exposure to the harsh sun. It can even be applied before going out to avoid harmful rays to penetrate and harm your skin.

12. Seed multiuse: Sesame seeds can be used in a lot of different methods and ways and can use as a food item. Sesame seeds can be used to eat as roasted seed; this can also be put on snacks, cakes , pastries etc., these can be used to add a bit of nutty flavor.

Unlike other nuts, sesame seeds as not as expensive and can actually be used even to decorate foods. Sesame seeds can be converted to oil and can be used as cooking oil as well as facial or hair repairing oil. Sesame seeds are used in various medicines to improve body and mind conditions. They can be used in different forms and ways.

Sesame seeds are great, and as super versatile and cheap to purchase; hence it is used in large quantities and in different parts of the earth. Adding these to your diet is important to reap the maximum benefits.

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