Side Effects Of Ketosis – How harmful is it?

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Keto is a dietary supplement that works for the problem of weight gain or people suffering from obesity. The root cause of both of these problems is related to the stressful life, growing competition, unbalanced diet, and disturbed meal timings.

Most of the people who are victim’s of these diseases are those who are either working in corporates or people who are lethargic and lazy. The weight gain problem is linked to a proper and balanced diet which is absent in most of the cases.

The old saying that eats like a king in breakfast, like a prince in the lunch diet and is like a pauper for dinner diet. But I today’s time it does not work as the meal timings get disturbed according to work time. The increased stress and excess workload have made people sleep deprived which is another cause of weight gain. The exercise schedule is nowhere mentioned in the to-do list.

The above was the listed cause of weight gain from a large number of people are suffering. This made the person’s body fat and fluffy and deficit of essential nutrients. The problem of obesity has made people lower down their self-confidence and morale as in social gatherings they sometimes feel embarrassed. So in these types of situations moving towards any dietary supplements which work for the reduction of weight easily is very common.

But adding to this these supplements can also be harmful to the health as instant weight reduction can result in weakness or fatigue, so it is advisable to refer to the doctor before taking the pills. The keto dietary supplements or say ketosis diet helps in resolving the problem of weight reduction, but at the same time, it also has various side-effects which are to be taken care of.

The few side-effects of the Keto or ketosis diet are listed below:

•    Fatigue, feeling tired and sick

In this, the person is  feeling the whole day after using the ketosis diet for the initial week. The situation is mainly called Keto flu where the person faces the problem of headaches, nausea, weakness and more which is mainly due to cut out of the carbohydrates diet. In case you encounter these symptoms the doctor must be referred for the relief.

    The weight loss

It is temporary as the time when you have entered the ketosis diet all the proper diet plan is followed. The focus is only on the diet chart that is supposed to be followed. So there is cut off to all junk food and other foods that lead to weight gain and when the diet plan gets over or say the person is out from the ketosis diet he may become careless towards his diet and start eating what he likes to eat as a result of it instead of the weight reduction it shows the opposite result of more weight gain.

•    Loose of appetite

The ketosis diet helps to reduce the carbohydrates from the diet and works for absorption of the extra fat that is available in the body so as this continues for a period of time the appetite of the person lowers down significantly. As a result, the hunger hormones get disturbed and urge to eat is lost.

•    Increased thirst

After following the ketosis diet. As the ketosis diet has burnt off the excess carbohydrates from the body as a result of this, the thirst gets increased as during the diet plan the excess water has been drained out from the body. There is no limit to the amount of water to be intake as it may get flushed out through the way of urine from the body.

•    The skin becomes pale

As the excess carbs have been removed from the body, so the skin that was earlier blushing is no longer available on your face results in pale skin. It is also the effect of drainage of excess water from the body while the time body is following the ketosis diet plan.

•    Overworking of the kidneys

As the carbohydrates levels have been significantly reduced and on the other hand the body is now working for the absorption of the proteins which has to be done by the kidneys which have to perform more as it works earlier. Also, the increase in thirst quenching leads to more water intake which has to be flushed out from the body which is again the important functions that are to be performed by the kidneys.

•    The problem of constipation and kidney stones

As there is considerable cut in the carbohydrates which indirectly lowers down the fiber intake from the diet lead to constipation. Also, the water drainage leads to absorption of fibers which results in the problem of constipation and kidney stones in the body.

•    The people become more prone to heart disease as the cardiovascular issues are noticed in the body by large intake of animal fats which people get depends on as the carbohydrates diet is now absent under the ketosis diet plan.

•    The intake of such pills for a long time may also affect the normal working of the body functions so as a result of it many serious injuries can occur in the body.

•    The instant formula for the weight reduction and sudden cut down of the carbs and utilizing the fats from the body may feel you weak, also reduce your energy levels which also leads to mood swings and cranky.

•    The body due to reducing of weight at a great speed makes you sleep deprived so it becomes lethargic which may even worsen up the lifestyle and exercise will not be the part of your to-do list which may result in weight gain at rapid speed.

Above are the few side-effects of the person who follows the ketosis diet over a period of time and have so many ill effects to the body. So in order to avoid such situation, it is better to adapt natural ways of weight reduction rather than getting adapted to the dietary supplements.

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