14 Tips and Tricks To Get Clear Skin At Home

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Get ready for some amazing tips and ideas to have flawless skin which everyone will admire. Who doesn’t want a healthy and glowing skin? No one, yes everyone wants a clean and clear skin, and the best thing is that everyone can achieve it. We are not even giving you false hope.
You just need to be patient and have to make some sacrifice in order to get the best out of your skin.

Kick our amazing routine of having clear skin and feel confident about yourself every day. Our pimple preventing tips and blemish free routine will give the exact result you want.

So read each and every tip carefully to get a brief knowledge about the tips, and you would be able to implement these tips without any confusion.

Tips for clear skin

1. Wash your face regularly –You need to wash your face every morning and every night. You don’t have to do it over. You just need to wash your face twice or thrice if you have an oily Skin.
Use a mild face wash which is fragrance-free and has pimple preventing compounds. This is a basic tip for having clear skin but more often we forgot to wash our face at night before sleep, or we just feel lazy. If you don’t wash your face regularly, you are asking for a breakout.

2. Wash your cleanser –Wash your cleanser regularly because leftover cleanser can contain dirt and oil components. So whenever you use it, make sure it is washed.
Use mild water to wash your skin with cleanser. This will make your skin clear, smooth and not slippery. If you use cold water, then your pores won’t open, and if you use warm water, then it will dry up your skin.

3. Be gentle with scrubbing –You should never scrub on your face, and when it comes to skin, you need to be gentle with the scrubbing. Don’t use harsh scrubbing tool or washcloth as it can make your skin red and create irritation. This can lead to infarction as well.
Use a clean scrubber and be gentle on your skin with it.

4. Mix your washing gel properly –Be it soap, washing gel and face wash. You should mix it properly before applying it on your skin. The ideal way of mixing the gel is the mix it for 10 seconds. You will see an adequate amount of bubbles which increases the effect of whatever product you are using.

5. Use cleansing brush –This is very convenient when you are washing off your makeup as normal face wash does not remove the makeup 100%.
Use an exfoliating brush to remove the excessive make up that is left on your skin. The exfoliating brush can reach inside the pores and clean it effectively. Don’t scrub it too hard or otherwise, you will get skin rashes. There is equipment for exfoliating which are very beneficial, and you won’t regret spending money on that equipment. You should buy an exfoliating brush if you wear makeup very often.

6. Don’t over wash–If you are washing your face too often just because your skin is getting oily, then you should stop it. If you are trying too hard to remove the oil with face wash, it can create more production of oil because the sebaceous glands in your skin will feel that your skin is getting too dry and the sebum will get produced in excessive rate.

7. Exfoliate –At times our outer layer skin gets out of nutrients, and it dies. So it is best to remove the dead skin along with the dead cells. Exfoliating is the most convenient way of removing dead skins as it doesn’t cause any inflammation and it reduce acne as well.
Regular execution of your dead skin can make your skin soft and glowing. Your skin will become radiant and flawless.

8. Clean your Phone and Spectacles –Our phones are always touching with our hands, and we touch the same phone with our face when we get a call. The amount of dirt that sticks to our face is unimaginable especially if you have dirty hands. The same goes for the spectacle as they are always touching with our face. So clean your devices and tools which touch your face regularly.

9. Don’t touch your face with your hands – we often get freaked out when we see pimples on our face, and we try to inspect the pimple or remove it by popping it using our hands. In this way, we forget the extra dirt we are bringing to our face from our hands which can result in more acne and pimple which is caused by removing that one pimple. So don’t touch your face and even if you really have to make sure that you clean your hands with a hand sanitizer.

10. Change your pillowcase – If you don’t change your pillowcase for months, you are inviting a lot of skin issue especially on your face. Our head contains all sorts of acne providing components which gets stuck in the pillowcase overtime, and when our face gets contact with the pillowcase, it can become a problem. So wash your pillowcase regularly, I would suggest you wash your pillowcase or change your pillowcase on a weekly basis, and you will have a clean pillowcase, and you won’t get pimple overnight.

11. Avoid hairspray – The hairspray is meant to use on your hair, but when we spray a hairspray, our forehead and hairline also get the spray which can create pimple and acne on our forehead. This is a common reason why we get pimple on our forehead. So after applying the hairspray, wipe your forehead and the skin on your hairline with a clean cloth.

12. Less is more – Trying to improve your skin quality is the best and the reliable way to have healthy skin even after years. Don’t use too many products at once as they can give major side effects which need expensive treatments to get rid of the side effects. Follow natural remedies like sweating out, drink lots of water and eat healthily.

13. Don’t pop – It is tempting when we get a pimple, but you should not pop a pimple right away. Be it a small or large pimple, the consequence of popping a pimple can make a dark or red spot on the affected area as you have put too much pressure while popping it. Don’t pop pimples instead use a cleanser and face wash and let the pimple go away by itself. In this way, you won’t damage your skin and make a permanent mark.

14. Know Your options –Benzoyl Peroxide is a great compound as it is a very good antioxidant agent which can fight off your pimple and acne very well. However, it can dry up your skin quickly. So use a benzoyl peroxide product once a week and use a moisturizer regular for most effective results.

So these were some tips for having clear skin. Follow these tips to have a clear and pimple free skin.

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