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Total Radiance Teeth Whitening Pen How to buy

A beautiful smile not only lifts up your confidence but also attracts others towards you. What makes a good smile? Beautiful white teeth are all that you want to raise your confidence.  A white bright-looking tooth makes you look beautiful and also reflects hygiene. Today people have smoking habits, coffee intake is high and diet is not healthy. The majority of the people will set an appointment with their dentist to get that perfect smile. This is going to waste your time and you will be given a hefty bill after your treatment.

There is one another way that will be affordable and treatment is done by you at the comfort of your home. What do you need? You need Total Radiance which is a teeth whitening pen and it can be ordered online easily.  Within 60 seconds you are going to have perfect whiter and brighter teeth. This product is very easy to use and there is no need to walk to your dentist. You are going to get professional level treatment when you will use this teeth whitening pen. Read this review until end to know more about this amazing product for a healthy and beautiful smile.

Total Radiance product information

Total Radiance is a natural way to clean your yellow, unhealthy teeth at the comfort of your home.  With just one use of this product, you will get professionally treated teeth.  It is the best solution to get a beautiful smile that will attract everyone around you when you will give them a smile.  The makers of this product claim that when you use this teeth whitening item you are going to get professional level cleanliness and results. This product is very simple and easy to use and there is no need to go for a dentist visit at all.  This risk-free treatment is all that you want to get a perfect smile. Your smile says a lot about you so why not enhance it when you have this lovely teeth whitening item at your grab.

There are many people who judge you with your smile; they also judge your personal hygiene by looking at your teeth. You will never want to lose confidence because of yellow and stained teeth. You can improve the look of your teeth with this product.  It’s time to act fast as this popular product is very limited in sales. 

How to make Total Radiance work for your smile?

Total Radiance

When we visit a dentist there are so many complex machines around, which also makes us fret a little or more. Don’t worry as Total Radiance is a simple to use teeth whitening pen, with no pain or any discomfort. Use this pen as defined and you will get results that will make you aww.  Within fifteen minutes you will get the results like a professional treatment. After using this pen you must not drink or eat for an hour after.  To get perfect whiter and brighter teeth you will need to use this pen for a few days.  Here are the steps that you need to follow to make this product work for desired results.

Stat with drying your teeth: – in the first step, you must dry your teeth. You can use a tissue paper or a soft towel to dry your teeth.  When you make your teeth try it gets easy to set the gel and its absorption is also perfect. This step will give you better results.

Switch on the pen: – to switch on the pen you will have to rotate the Total Radiance pen bottom. A rotating motion will start and this will dispense the gel.

Application to teeth: – do not fret as this is not going to cause any mess or pen. Apply the pen which is rotating directly on your teeth to make it work.

Smile until you are done: – keep your lips open for a while so that gel is not scattered around your mouth. Keep your smile for at least 60 seconds. This time is important as it will set the gel on your teeth.

Rinse your mouth: – for 15 minutes you will have to perform this procedure and after that, you can rinse your mouth. Try not to swallow the gel.

Note: – do not eat or drink anything after the procedure for about 1 hour so that the product can do its job.

You will see it is dammed easy to follow these steps and you are also going to enjoy it. Try it for free by getting its trial and if you get the results that will give you a smile make sure that you have this product on your bathroom shelves. Simple to order, simple to use and perfect results.

What Total Radiance contains?

Total Radiance is absolutely a natural product with natural compounds. The ingredients used in this product are ideal to give your smile whiteness, brightness and confidence without any use of chemicals. It contains

Carbomer: – this ingredient is having oxidizing effects and helps in removing the stains on your teeth. It is going to turn your teeth into more white pearl-like whiteness. This is one vital ingredient that gives your teeth more whiteness.

Peppermint oil: – this oil is having many properties like a freshness taste in your mouth; it is also having antibacterial properties to fight bacterial damage. When you use this oil it is going to give your mouth a fresh feeling which is important when you are close to someone. It also keeps your teeth healthy.

Kosher glycerin: – this ingredient is used to balance the complete formula. It also takes the formula to the peak ability.

The maker of this product claims that there are no animal by-products used in this teeth whitening formula making it for people an ideal solution to get perfect white and brighter teeth.

Total Radiance Teeth Whitening Pen

What about side effects?

There is no chance of any side effects when you are using Total Radiance teeth whitening pen. There are few cautions that you need to mind to use the pen safely so that it does not cause any irritation in your mouth. If you are having sensitivity in your teeth then make sure that you use this product little carefully.  Do not use this pen on your gums. In case the sensitivity turns out to be painful, stop using this product. Read the precautions which come along with the product?

Get your Total Radiance trial first

If you need to get your Total Radiance free trial you must hurry as there are many people around the globe who are keen to buy this product. Trial means you get this product for free so that you can use it and see the results without paying anything. The free trial is for a limited period so hurry.

 Where to order Total Radiance?

Total Radiance is an online-based product so you must visit the official website or click on the link below. The product is to be sold online only. Visit the website and qualify for the free trial and you will be eligible to buy this product for monthly basis.

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