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What is Resveratrol? Need, Uses And Benefits Of Resveratrol

You might have already heard about Resveratrol and the health benefits it gives. There has been a lot of hype with this compound and today we are going to compile up the benefits it has.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a part of polyphenols and has antioxidants for protection against harmful bacteria in your body. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to Resveratrol so keep reading this article to know more about this compound.

The benefits that Resveratrol gives are life-changing, and there are many manufacturers who are implementing this polyphenols compound in their supplements. There are not tons of options, and the use of Resveratrol in supplements is very common.

The antioxidants benefit just a part of the whole amazing advantages that it gives such as control ageing, avoid heart strokes, bad cholesterol, and other major diseases.

The common issues that arise when it comes to older people are mostly about their health. With the unhealthy lifestyle they have been leading, it is very likely that anyone can get some major diseases that I have mentioned before. In order to avoid a bad ending, you need to take precautions and follow some measures to avoid getting the risk of cancer and heart diseases later in life.a

Resveratrol is found in the outer layer of grapes, and researchers carefully extract the Resveratrol from the grape. Red Wines are popular worldwide, and the benefits that you get from red wine are mostly because of the Resveratrol present in it.

There are lots of articles about the Resveratrol Supplements which claims to give you longer life and weight loss etc. To some extent it is true, and we are so sure about it because Resveratrol is truly a remarkable compound and arguably it has lots of benefits which no other compound has.


Resveratrol is a plant compound which acts as an antioxidant. It is most commonly found in red wine, grapes, berries&peanuts. Resveratrol is concentrated in the seeds and the skin of grapes. The early signs of benefits of Resveratrol have shown so much potential that it is going through deeper research and it is very likely that it has much more other benefits than what we have found.

Benefits of Resveratrol

  1. Resveratrol helps lower the blood pressure –the antioxidants components present in resveratrol can help you lower your blood pressure and helps you maintain your blood pressure throughout your old age. Research shows in 2015 that people with a high dosage of Resveratrol have lowered blood pressure exerted in their artery walls when the heart beats. This type of pressure is known as systolic blood pressure. It appears as the upper number in blood pressure readings. Systolic blood pressure needs to be well maintained, but it gets harder to have ideal blood pressure as we get older. This can make the arteries stiffen, and sudden heart strokes can occur. The Resveratrollower the blood pressure and produce nitric oxide which relaxes the blood vessels.
  1. Positive effects on Blood fats –studies show that Resveratrol can change the effect of blood fats positively. The good cholesterol in your body becomes more prominent, and bad cholesterol gets diminish. Another research that was experimented in mice shows that the mice lost weight and had a lower bad cholesterol level comparative. This happens with high protein, polyunsaturated fat diet, and resveratrol. Resveratrol reduces the effect of the enzyme which is responsible for the blood pressure. It also decreases the LDL cholesterol that can toxic the artery walls. Studies show that people who consumed grapes with highly concentrated resveratrol had lower their LDL by 4.5 % and the oxidation level of their LDL has gone down by 20%.
  1. Longer life-span –Although the result is not as prominent in humans, it is significant in the animals in which the researchers have done their experiment. The animals with highly concentrated resveratrol had ward off the ageing signs. It works in the same way as calorie restriction. The resveratrol reacts with the genes to fluctuate its an expression which results in a longer lifespan in animals and possibly in humans.
  1. Healthy Brain – Older people have lower cognitive thinking ability which declines with age. But with the help of resveratrol, you can improve your concentration level and cognitive thinking. This is mostly because of the antioxidants agents and anti-inflammatory properties that resveratrol has. As you take resveratrol in your body, a chain of events occur in your body which protects the brain cells of all the damaging sources. The results are not as intriguing, and scientists are doing their results to give full benefits to the brain. But it is quite possible that resveratrol can improve your overall brain quality.
  1. Increase insulin sensitivity –Resveratrol can increase insulin sensitivity and helps you avoid using all kind of complications of diabetes. Diabetes and insulin diseases are more common with older people, and it occurs with a lot of consumption of sugar alcohol and the enzymes that turn into sorbitol. Too much sorbitol can damage cells and increase oxidative stress which results in diabetes.
  1. Give relaxation to joint pain –The reason why people gets joint pain is because of arthritis. This common affliction can lead to pain in joints and deteriorate the joints. Plant-based resveratrol supplements can cure joint pain And can help your cartilage from deterioration. Research claims that a rabbit having arthritis in his knees were given resveratrol and the results were astonishing as the rabbits had less damage or deterioration to his cartilage. Resveratrol can reduce inflammation and prevents any damages to your joints.
  1. Resveratrol is an Antioxidants–Resveratrol has antioxidant properties which works as dual antioxidants. The direct Antioxidant agent increases the enzymes and genes. This antioxidant reserved in resveratrol has so many health benefits including the reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation as they can cause heart disease, cancer, and a decline in cognitive function of a human body.
  1. Resveratrol is an anti-inflammatory –Resveratrol has antioxidants which works as an anti-inflammatory indirectly, but it also has a direct anti-inflammatory effect in the process. Resveratrol blocks out an enzyme called COX which can also be eliminated with the help of painkiller, but the effect of Resveratrol is more permanent. Resveratrol blocks other enzymes found in animals such as NF-KB, HMGB1, and STAT3.
  2. Resveratrol balance the blood sugar level –Resveratrol can help you maintain blood sugar and glucose metabolism. A survey was done in 11 obese men where they were given 150mg/day of Resveratrol, and after 30 days of regular dosage, these men show an increase in insulin sensitivity and low blood sugar level.
  3. Resveratrol can help you get rid of obesity –Resveratrol eliminates the fat cells from forming new cells, and it turns off the enzymes that can cause an increase in weight. Genes like PPAR gamma is also turned off by resveratrol and triggers other genes which boost the energy use.

Resveratrol is powerful and has lots of benefits, and its consumption in the form of any food items like red wine, grapes or even supplements can give you some major health benefits.

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